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Married son doesn’t visit very often

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I’m a widow in my 60s and have only one child, a son who is now in his 30s.

He used to phone or visit me quite regularly but two years ago he got married.

Now I’m lucky if he calls once in six weeks. He and his wife have two children, so I can only assume that it is she who has made him change.

I thought I got along with her pretty well and certainly at their wedding everything seemed fine but I haven’t seen her since then. WD


The only way you are going to find out if you have done anything to upset either of them is to ask.

However, it may be nothing at all. When they first got married, they were probably very tied up in each other and after that, with two children so quickly, they’ve probably not realised how long it’s been.

Rather than wait for your son to call you, why don’t you give him a ring and see if you can arrange to get together?

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