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Mother-in-law’s interference is driving me crazy

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I’ve been married for 14 years and, in that time, there’s been another woman in our marriage. My father-in-law sadly died only a few weeks after our wedding and since then my mother-in-law has insisted on building her life around ours.

She lavishes attention on my husband and our two daughters and I am pushed to the background. Either that or she is criticising me for something I’ve done or failed to do.

She seems to completely dominate my husband and is continually telling my daughters how to dress and behave.

I've tried to discuss it with my husband but he just feels sorry for her.

I’ve had enough and I’ve given up — I swear I’ll start drinking to escape her soon. CG


You've allowed yourself to be dominated and bullied for too long and you are going to have to assert yourself.

Don't allow her to dominate the conversation; you and your daughters should start speaking up for yourselves.

You need to stand up for your daughters too if she is criticising them.

Tell her that you would rather she didn't tell them what they are doing wrong otherwise they will start to resent her. When she criticises you, tell her she's not being fair.

It is very hard having a parent who tries to take over your life.

Logically you realise that they are lonely and old, but emotionally you see them as making unreasonable demands.

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