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Mum’s in love, but she’s rushing things

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After my dad died three years ago, my mum went into a complete slump. We tried to encourage her to do more but she resisted us until a couple of months ago, when she suddenly turned a corner.

She’s surprised everyone by falling in love; she’s already talking about moving in with her new man.

I am happy for her but I wish I could get her to be a bit more cautious. MS


Your mother has rediscovered feelings that she may not have expected to ever encounter again and she’s clearly enjoying the sensation. This intense phase will pass once the initial excitement begins to wear off and I’m sure you’ll get to see more of her again.

You can tell her how concerned you are and suggest she might like to slow things down a bit but then you have to step back and leave her to it.

I’m sure she knows she can rely on you if things do go wrong

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