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My anger scared my girlfriend away

I am feeling terrible at the moment because I have driven my girlfriend and our four-month-old son away. She has gone back to her parents after a stupid row.

I got really angry and locked her in the bedroom. I suppose I frightened her but I didn’t hit her or anything like that. Anyway, when I came back from work, she had gone.

I have begged her to come back to me and promised I won’t ever do it again.

I am sure she isn’t happy living back with her parents in just one room.

Do you think, once she has had a chance to think things over, she will decide to come back anyway or is there anything I can do? KL


With a baby only four months old, your girlfriend needed support and understanding — not abuse and fear.

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You have let her down badly and I think she needs space to come to terms with your behaviour and what she wants to do for the future.

You need to learn control and prove to her that you are working at making a fundamental change to your personality so it can't happen again.

If you try and force the issue by trying to see her you will probably only make things worse, so write to her. Be completely honest and tell her how you feel about her, your son and what happened.

Talk to your GP about anger management and get counselling support so that you never behave like this again.

After that, all you can do is hope.

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