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My boyfriend cheated, but I want him back

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I lived with my boyfriend for two years when, out of the blue, he asked me to move out so he could concentrate on his studies.

I did as he asked and then only saw him a couple of times a week.

Whenever I did he seemed short-tempered and unhappy to see me, but then I went to the flat we shared and found him in bed with another woman.

He was very angry with me and said it was all over between us and although I’ve cried and cried and begged him to come back, he won’t even talk to me.

Please tell me what to do to get him back. GC


I'm afraid that I think your boyfriend wanted to end the relationship when he asked you to move out all those months ago, but wasn't strong enough to say so.

He took the coward's way out by hoping you'd get the message if he was grumpy with you, and I think he was trying to drive you away.

The more you went along with him by ‘understanding’ his need for study space, the worse he treated you because he couldn't get you to finish with him.

Sadly, you loved and trusted him so much that you took his excuses at face value and have now been badly hurt.

Hopefully, in time, you will see him for the coward he is, but you are, I'm afraid, going to have to live with the hurt.

You might like to consider whether your overwhelming affection might have been what smothered this relationship — but that's for later, when you feel stronger.

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