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My boyfriend goes out with other women

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My partner and I live together but we agreed we would keep one night each week free to do things without each other.

I go out with my girlfriends for a drink or a meal but he tells me he goes out with a different girl each week.

At this rate it won’t be long before he meets someone else. This wasn’t what I thought we meant at all — should I try to stop him? EG


If he really is seeing a different girl each week, then he's not serious about your relationship at all.

But do you really believe him and how does he get to meet them when he's with you for the rest of the time?

I suspect he is trying to worry you because he needs reassurance and is concerned about you going out with your friends.

He wants to feel more secure about your love for him, so he's trying to see if he can make you jealous.

Perhaps once in a while, your girls' nights could include partners, so he gets to know who you're with?

Alternatively — and as a cost-saving measure — some of your girls' nights could be dinner at one another's homes — when they're with you, he can see who they are.

Meanwhile, reassure him that you love him and I think that he will eventually grow more confident and drop the pretence.

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