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My boyfriend is ignoring me

I’ve got a problem with my boyfriend and it’s breaking my heart. We’ve been seeing each other for two months and we get on really well. That was until a few weeks ago when we went to a party and he acted as though he wasn’t with me.

He flirted with a lot of other girls and even when I walked over to him, he didn’t even say anything to me. It was as if he wasn’t with me until the end of the evening when he came over and danced with me. When we left some of the other girls came with us and now they seem to be hanging around all the time.

He hasn’t called me now for over a week and I feel so unhappy. Do you think he’s dumped me but just hasn’t told me? ST


I'm afraid I think that he never really thought he was in a relationship at all.

I am sure you feel you and he would stand a better chance without these other girls around but I don't think he feels the same way you do.

Perhaps he's not ready for a one-to-one relationship and enjoys having a lot of people around him?

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But he's shown he's not committed to you, and he obviously likes to flirt and show off. That's fine for him but it's demoralising for you if you feel you are supposed to be with him.

Anyone who treats you like that undermines your self-confidence so, while you've still got it, start sticking up for yourself. If you want an answer then pick up the phone and call him — don't wait for him to call you.

Tell him that while you'd like to go out with him, you are not prepared to watch while he flirts with other girls, so until he's ready, you'd rather not see him.

Taking the initiative may leave you without a boyfriend for a while but that is better than being left without your confidence.

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