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My boyfriend won’t go to the dentist

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My boyfriend is a great man but he’s got really bad teeth.

He won’t go near a dentist because he had a bad experience when he was a child.

He’s nearly 30 years old and some of his teeth are going black — plus his breath smells foul most of the time.

I’ve tried to get him to see a dentist but he won’t go. JA


It might be time to issue an ultimatum — dentist or no further kisses.

These days going to the dentist is nothing like it was 20 years ago, there really is very little pain.

Be supportive and tell him you'll go with him to the surgery. Many dentists are experts at dealing with nervous patients, so ask around.

Hypnosis might also help — it's used regularly for people with these types of fears. He could ask his GP about medical hypnosis, or look at the British Association of Medical Hypnosis ( for more information.

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