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My cousin has called an end to our affair

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My cousin and I had a secret affair. It ended three months ago when he went abroad.

I thought he loved me, but he said his feelings had changed and that it was over.

I was terrified I might be pregnant, but luckily I’m not.

I think he finished it because he was worried about our families finding out, but I believe it’s ok for cousins to have sex and to marry.

Am I right? DM


As you’ve already proved, cousins can have sex — but whether they should or not is another matter.

There’s a risk of genetic disorders in any offspring because the children potentially carry chromosome abnormalities from both parents.

As to marriage, the law relating to this varies hugely around the world.

In some cultures it is a common practice, but in others it is banned outright.

In your case, though, your cousin has said that he doesn’t love you and that the relationship is over.

Although you feel hurt, I think you are going to have to accept that fact, especially with all the risks and potential family upsets involved.

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