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My daughter is down after break-up

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My daughter and her on-off boyfriend have finally separated after two years of hurting each other.

She’s lost her confidence, though, and says no one else will want her.

At 28, she thinks she’s left it too late, which, of course, she hasn’t. How can we get her to see that she’s still an attractive, young woman? TW


Your daughter sounds as if she could be depressed and it would be worth trying to persuade her to see her GP. Two years in an on-off relationship can be very traumatic and would sap anyone's confidence.

However, as much as you tell her she's still young and attractive, I'm afraid she's unlikely to believe you.

Once she's started to rebuild her confidence, gone out a bit more and seen other people reacting to her positively, then she will start to have some self-worth again

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