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My daughter is turning into a bit of a tomboy

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My only child, a daughter, is 14 and is a real daddy’s girl.

She’s always been a tomboy but as she gets older I am getting worried that she’s trying to turn into the son we never had.

My husband encourages her to take part in things such as cricket, football and rugby, but never in anything in the least bit feminine.

When I tell my husband how worried I am about it, he just laughs and says that the important thing is that she’s happy.

I think he’s just creating problems for her in the long term, though.

Am I right? JE


I'd say you're nurturing a strong, independent young woman who knows what she wants and is willing to go for it.

In which case, what are you worried about?

Stereotypical roles are irrelevant these days — womanly women are doing all manner of things that were once regarded as male preserves.

I believe your husband is right and that her happiness is far more important than anything else.

However, if the problem is really your own feelings of exclusion from this close father-daughter relationship, then speak to your husband.

There must be plenty of things the three of you could enjoy together, as a family

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