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My daughter-in-law is overprotective

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I’m worried about my young grandson and my daughter-in-law. She’s a lovely woman but also a bundle of nerves and she worries about every little thing.

She is so overprotective. She is just starting to wean him and everything has to be organic, sterilised, weighed and balanced.

He’s also beginning to want to stand up and she’s practically padded the whole house because she’s afraid of him falling over and knocking his head.

I don’t want to undermine her, but I worry he’ll grow up with serious problems. GT


Your daughter-in-law sounds a little insecure and lacking in confidence. She

clearly wants to do her very best for her child and nothing you've told me sounds very wrong, although she may be taking things to the extreme.

It may be that she needs more support and help and you could be in a good position to give this to her — but not if you criticise what she's trying to do.

Perhaps she is afraid you don't think she's up to the task of raising your grandchild — make sure she knows you think she is.

If you praise and support what she does and tell her she's being a brilliant mother, then she may begin to trust her own judgment and relax.

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