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My daughter-in-law’s diet is worrying me

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My daughter-in-law is lovely and we get on well, but I am worried about her.

She was anorexic when she was younger and since she had a baby she seems to be getting very fussy about her diet again.

She didn’t gain a lot of weight when she was pregnant, but she seems to be trying to lose it again — very quickly.

I am worried that her anorexia may be coming back and that not only will it affect her, it will affect her marriage and her baby.

Should I talk to her? My son got upset when I tried to talk to him about it. DW


I believe you're right to be worried.

Many people who have recovered from anorexia do struggle after pregnancy.

While they were pregnant, they had a good reason to gain a little weight, but they may not like the way they look afterwards.

It's a shame that your son got upset when you raised this — he's probably worried too.

I suggest you find out as much as you can about living with anorexia — the organisation Beat ( has lots of good information that should help you.

Be careful how you raise the issue with her because she might be very secretive about it and even try to drive you away.

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