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My daughter's a monster

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My daughter, who’s two years old, has become a little monster. She hits out at everyone and everything. She kicks, bites, pulls hair and on one occasion nearly blinded another child with a toy brick.

I’ve tried all manner of punishments to make her stop, including smacking and shouting at her.

I even tried doing to her what she had just done to someone else to see if she would then understand how much she was hurting people, but it had no effect.

I’m at the end of my tether and don’t know what else to do. SS


When children lash out like this, it's usually out of frustration and anger.

They lack the skills to say what's upsetting them and so resort to violence.

I'm afraid that by responding in kind you may well be showing her that this violence is an acceptable way to deal with the frustration she is feeling.

Instead of punishing her, I suggest you try to find out what is upsetting her and react to it firmly but with love and without violence.

Try to calm her down rather than wind her up by shouting and getting angry and, if you need to, get advice and help from your health visitor.

Your daughter wants to grow up one minute and the next she wants to be your baby again.

If you can help her to find the fun and the humour in this then you will find it easier to deal with. When you look back on it in years to come you could well find you regret how quickly this time passes.

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