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My drunk husband is refusing to leave

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My husband has had a serious drink problem for the past 11 years and he can become violent and aggressive. I’ve had enough and asked him to leave.

I can talk to him when he’s sober but he’s refused to go, saying he has a right to stay because he’s paid the mortgage. I paid into the mortgage for the first five years we were together, so is some part of it mine?

I’ve no family in the UK and I can’t just dump myself and three children on friends, so I’m stuck. What can I do? I’m so unhappy and worried for my children. BD


You need a lawyer and I suggest you see one as soon as you can; you're risking your safety by staying with a man who is violent towards you and your children.

Find yourself a solicitor that specialises in divorce and separation. It may be possible to get a restraining order which will force your husband to stay away from the family home.

You would be entitled to a share of the family home whether you paid money towards it or not.

I'd really like to see you out of the house right away. The Women's Aid 24-hour helpline (0808 2000 247) could help you to do just that and would offer advice, counselling and temporary accommodation.

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