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My friend keeps making passes at the babysitter

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The girl we use sometimes to look after our baby also works for some friends who live close by.

She’s bright, intelligent and sensible, so I tend to believe her when she says she’s got a problem.

Apparently, one of our friends has been making passes at her when he gives her a lift home.

She’s most uncomfortable with this and my husband thinks we should tell his wife.

Is he right or should we just tell her not to work for them anymore? CR


I don't think you should tell his wife but I do think she should stop working for them. If she continues to work for you, then the wife might start to wonder what the problem is herself.

If your husband wants to speak to anyone, then he could speak to the man causing the problems who is being grossly unfair treating a young girl in this way.

Your husband only needs to mention that the girl has found his behaviour uncomfortable and the man will know you're aware of what he's done.

Hopefully, this will make him see sense but, by not working for them, the girl will be safe anyway.

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