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My friends insist on smoking when they come to visit

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I gave up smoking a few years ago but I have two close friends who are still both heavy smokers.

When they visit my house they always ask if they can light up. I’ve always agreed but wished I could say ‘no’ as the smell lasts for ages.

Over the last few months it has started to make my eyes water; I start coughing and feel that I can’t get my breath.

The last time they visited I said I’d prefer them not to smoke in the house, but they called me a hypocrite as I used to smoke myself. I wish I could be firmer with them but I just can’t be that rude. What can I do? PA


It's not being rude if their smoking is affecting your health and wellbeing. You will have to be firm and tell them outright that they are welcome to keep visiting you but not smoke inside your home.

If you feel you can't do this to their faces or over the phone, then write to them and tell them that way.

Tell them, as you've told me, that over the past few months it has started to affect your health. You have the right to decide whether guests smoke in your own home and they need to be made aware of how you feel.

You've tried the polite, subtle approach and it's not worked, so you have to be firm for your health's sake.

If they have to smoke when they visit you, tell them that they can do it in the garden — all my smoking visitors do

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