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My friends want to go clubbing

I’m very happily married and my husband and I lead a quiet, ordinary sort of life. We go to the cinema and eat out occasionally, but we don’t go to pubs or clubs.

We do have quite a few friends that we like to see in small numbers, but one or two of them have accused me of being dull.

They want me to go out clubbing on their girls’ nights out, but this really doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Some of the things they get up to are just not me and I’m certainly not interested in cheating on my husband as some of them do.

I don’t want to lose my friends but I am starting to resent the pressure they are putting on me. LP


Have you considered the fact that some of these people may be jealous of the quiet happiness you enjoy with your husband?

I can only assume they must be, otherwise why they would want to destroy that?

You're in a stable, loving relationship and if they're having affairs, that rather suggests they are not.

I'd be the first to suggest that you look to change your life if you weren't happy with it but, as things stand, I suggest you stand firm.

Thank them for wanting your company but tell them you like your life as it is and hope they can respect that.

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