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My hair has fallen out due to stress

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona Hurley answers your problems

Dear Fiona, My mum died earlier this year and I have had real problems with sorting out her estate. The sheer stress has led to me starting to lose my hair.

When this began and I noticed the hair coming out in clumps, I went to my doctor who told me I have alopecia.

The worst part is that on top of the depression I’ve had over losing mum, I now feel self-conscious and find it difficult to leave the house. I’ve bought a wig but can’t bear to wear it and it remains in a bag in my wardrobe.

My doctor has also told me to find a support group but I’m not sure how this will help. My husband doesn’t understand as he’s bald himself — it runs in his family.

What can I do?

SH, Belfast

Dear SH,

I suspect your husband is trying to be supportive in his clumsy way and is showing you he doesn’t care about your hair loss, but about you.

And the reason your GP recommended a support group is because he recognises you need more help than your husband can offer.

Bereavement counselling might be a good idea, as trained counsellors will be able to help you tackle your depression, express your grief and eventually move on with your own life.

In terms of the hair loss, check out the website of Alopecia Awareness ( which offers all kinds of support through groups and the site. Regarding your wig, it takes time to get used to wearing it.

Do read up on your condition as the prognosis may not be as bad as you think.

In many cases, the hair does grow back.

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