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My home feels ruined after break-in

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Recently, I returned from holiday with my husband and children to find our house had been broken into while we were away.

We called the police but there wasn’t much they could do as it may have occurred any time in the two weeks we were away.

It’s not the material things so much, even though we have lost our TV, radios, DVD player and jewellery.

But realising that some strangers have been through my underwear drawers, may have eaten biscuits out of the tin or drunk out of our mugs is distressing.

I’ve cleaned and cleaned the place but just can’t make it feel like our home anymore.

As for the children, they have been sleeping in our room because they are afraid to go back into their own beds. SD


What a rotten end to your holiday. Have you done all the important things such as making sure your home is now secure and informing the insurance company?

If you haven't, make sure you do so as soon as possible.

The police will have given you a crime reference number and you will need this when you talk to your insurance company.

For further help, I would encourage you to contact your local Victim Support charity.

If you go to its website, you will see lots of suggestions on how to overcome the psychological effects of a burglary.

One practical thing it suggests is to upgrade your security.

It needn't be expensive, just having a motion sensor light outside your house would be a start, or a more secure lock on external doors.

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