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My husband doesn't love me anymore

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My husband and I had our 21st wedding anniversary four months ago.

Far from being a cause for celebration, it was the day he told me that he no longer loved me, although he still cared for me and our children.

Since then he has been isolated and withdrawn, he no longer touches me, but we are still sharing a bed.

He says he doesn’t want to leave me but he won’t talk about the situation beyond that at all.

He is my whole life and I just feel totally overwhelmed by his rejection, which came out of the blue. SF


This personality change has come about so suddenly that I think you need to look beyond your feelings to find what has changed him.

I strongly suspect your husband is going through a personal crisis of some kind and I think he is ill.

It may well be that something has triggered a case of depression and although he doesn't seem to want to talk about it, he really needs to see a doctor.

If he will not go and won't discuss the situation with you either, then you are going to need advice and help on how to restore communication between you both.

I would suggest you contact MIND, which will be able to steer you in the right direction and also advise your husband, if he is willing to talk.

At the moment you say your husband is your whole life and that's really not healthy for you, either.

Whatever comes out of this crisis, I think you need to try to find more to fill your life than you do now.

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