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My husband doesn’t love me anymore

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My husband nursed me through a long illness and I’m just getting my life back together, so it was a real shock when he told me he no longer loved me.

He expects me to carry on in front of others as if everything is all right, but how can I when the man I've loved for the past 19 years has told me that he no longer loves me? CW


By asking you to behave as if everything is normal, he's being unfair.

Rather than asking him to talk about the situation, tell him you cannot go on as if everything is fine when he's already told you that it isn't.

Tell him you love him, need him and want him back, but that you can't live a lie. I suspect your illness put a great deal of strain on him and his outburst was his way of asking for a bit of care and cosseting for himself.

Give him the opportunity to open up and explain what he's feeling and ask him what he wants from your marriage.

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