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My husband is a hoarder

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My husband has always collected things and when I first met him it was almost funny.

Now, three children and many years later, his collecting habits are completely out of control. His redundancy two years ago seems to have given him the green light to start hoarding everything.

Because we were short on space, we extended into the attic so the kids could have a bedroom each, but now it’s so full I can hardly get in there.

As a result, my sons, who are aged 12 and 14, are still sharing a room.

Our bedroom and sitting room are piled high with stuff he “needs for work” and the kitchen is not much better.

I’m so desperate but don’t know what to do to resolve things. CB


Your husband needs help — probably psychiatric help — to change this hoarding behaviour.

You are clearly depressed by his behaviour, but I suspect he is too.

Contact your doctor — if necessary, get him to make a home visit so he can see for himself. has a lot of advice and information on compulsive hoarding that could help your husband and help you to understand this condition

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