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My husband is causing rows over baby's name

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My daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in April, but my husband is spoiling everything.

He has told my daughter that he expects the child to be named after him as it is an old family name. It doesn't matter, apparently, whether it’s a boy or a girl. My daughter has dug her heels in and said ‘no’.

My husband has banned me from going to see her and things I have sent her for the baby have, I understand, been given to the charity shop.

They are struggling financially but my husband refuses to help them unless they agree to his wishes. RM


Your husband is being entirely unreasonable and your daughter isn't being very sensible either.

He has no right to dictate to your daughter and her husband what the name of their child should be — what if the father had a “traditional family name” that he wanted?

He is being quite outrageous and although you sound as if you have tried to tell him so, he's not listening. I suspect you've been the cushion between the two of them for some time and have allowed your needs to take second place.

Make sure they both know how angry you feel and that while you may love them both, you want to be allowed to love your grandchild as well.

If they've never seen you lose your temper — and I suspect they haven't — it may just be enough to wake them both up and see the damage they are doing.

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