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My husband won’t be called ‘grandad’

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My husband has been like a father to my daughter for the past 25 years — much more so than her biological dad.

My daughter is expecting a baby next month and so I’m shocked by her decision that the baby won’t be calling my partner ‘grandad’.

As my husband has been there for almost all of her life, it seems so unfair — and I’m sure he’ll be hurt.

I don’t know how to tell him or what to say to my daughter. CH


If your husband isn’t going to be known as ‘grandad’, have you asked your daughter what other name she wants her baby to use? It may be you’ve misunderstood her and that she simply doesn’t like the term ‘grandad’.

I can understand you feeling hurt for your husband but now is not the time to do anything about it.

She’s in the late stages of her pregnancy and her emotions now will be all over the place.

Even after the baby is born, it won’t be an issue until the child starts talking, so I should wait before having any further discussion about it.

In any case, children very often come up with their own names for family members.

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