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My husband’s flirting hurts me

My husband is a terrible flirt, and although at the beginning I thought it was a bit of fun, it’s gone on for so long now that I’m embarrassed and upset by it.

It’s not as though the women appreciate it, either.

At a family wedding recently, a woman complained to my mum about “the boring man who kept hitting on her” — and it turned out to be my husband.

I’ve tried telling him I don’t like it but it doesn’t stop him.

I just don’t know what else to do to make him see how much he is hurting me. HW


So many people seem to ignore the fact that something they think of as trivial can be very hurtful. Have you told him about the incident at the wedding? If you have and he's not accepted what you said, have you tried getting your mother to tell him?

He seems to see ‘fooling around' as acceptable and he probably has no idea just how offensive his behaviour is. The time has come to spell out a few home truths.

Tell him you are being hurt by his behaviour and, worse still, others are beginning to notice and be offended.

Be firm, not aggressive about it and tell him that if he does it again while you are out, you will simply leave and go home.

Make sure you do so, too. You should only need to do so once or twice before he gets the message.

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