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My life isn't going anywhere

Fiona Caine is here to help if you have a relationship, sexual, marriage or family problem.

Lately, I feel as though I’ve been drifting aimlessly through life and not getting anywhere. My husband and I moved house last January but I’ve not done a thing to it because soon after my mother died.

Ever since, I’ve not had the energy to do anything and barely manage to keep the house clean and put food on the table.

I’ve gone off sex with my husband and although he assures me it doesn’t matter, I feel guilty as he’s a good man.

He says not to worry but I don’t think I’m worrying about anything — I just can’t seem to focus on what’s important any more. I wish I knew how to get my life back. KS


You may not yet realise it but you've taken the first step. By writing to me and acknowledging that you have a problem, you are on your way to changing your life.

Moving house is very stressful and to compound that with losing your mother just a few weeks later may well have triggered a case of depression.

Have a word with your GP and explain how you are feeling.

Depression can sometimes creep up on people without them really understanding what has happened. Don't be surprised if your doctor refers you for counselling — it can really help to talk things through in a situation like yours.

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