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My messy husband is driving me mad

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I got married six months ago and as much as I love my husband, he’s driving me spare.

He used to live at home with his mum, but I had no idea how untidy he could be — he’s perfectly happy living in a complete mess!

I suppose his mum must have picked up his dirty washing and tidied up after him, because he never puts anything away.

He’s driving me crazy because I have always been a tidy person and I can’t stand living in this state.

I’m going to lose my temper with him soon. AC


It sounds like you two need to talk!

If your husband has never had to bother before, he may simply not know how to keep the place tidy, so perhaps you’re going to have to show him.

It’s also possible that this untidiness is in response to what he sees as your attempts to change and control him.

However, you’re both adults and it should be possible to work out a compromise.

Is your home big enough for him to have a messy corner, somewhere?

Would investing in good storage and filing help him to organise his things?

Your expectations and his are completely different, so whatever you do, you need that talk.

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