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My mum-in-law is so insulting to my husband

I’ve got a problem with my mother-in law but it's rather an unusual one.

I know usually the problem is that the mum puts the daughter-in-law down, but mine’s the other way around.

I really love my husband but she constantly complains about him both to his face and behind his back.

She and his dad are divorced, she’s had other relationships that have gone wrong and I think she’s just bitter about men in general.

But she really upsets me and I can see how much this hurts him. PC


Your mother-in-law sounds very sad and while perhaps you should feel sorry for her, I don't think she should be allowed to get away with this behaviour.

You wouldn't allow anyone else to run your husband down, so don't let her either.

Stand up to her and say that you don't want to hear her criticisms; if she persists, leave the room.

Warn your husband what you are going to do and make sure he knows how much you value him, even if his mum doesn't

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