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My new man won't commit

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I’m going through a really messy divorce at the moment but I’ve been very lucky to have met a great guy.

He recently went through a divorce himself, and he’s very supportive when my husband is particularly unpleasant.

I fell in love with him almost immediately, but he says he is uncertain how he feels about me.

He does tell me he likes me very much, but he never goes any further than that.

He’s kind, considerate and everything I’ve ever wanted but I suggested that we should try living together and he went quiet and changed the subject.

How can I make him see that we’d be perfect for each other? JL


I think this man is right to be cautious and I think you should be too. He's just come through a divorce and you are still married. He probably isn't ready to enter into a full-on relationship yet and he probably thinks you're not either.

He is trying to be honest with you but if you push him too hard it may turn him against you. I think you need to take things a lot more easily.

Before you start making another commitment, it would be worth trying to work out where things went wrong with your husband. That way, you can see how to avoid the same mistakes again.

Try to relax and enjoy the company of this new man in your life.

Once you have both had more time to adjust to life after divorce, being single and making your own decisions, then you can start to think about another relationship. Have a little patience now, and things may yet work out between you.

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