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My older sister keeps stealing my boyfriends

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I’m 16 years old and my problem is with my older sister — she keeps stealing my boyfriends.

While my sister is very pretty, all three of my previous boyfriends have dumped her once they’ve found out how embarrassing she can be — not that this helps me very much.

They no longer talk to me, and although I don’t want them back, it would have been nice to be asked.

So how do I stop her from doing this again? GE


Your sister sounds a bit sad if she has to steal your boyfriends rather than find her own, but the young men sound a bit immature too.

It seems they were taken in by her pretty face but then left disappointed when the initial attraction fizzled out.

In time, I’m sure you’ll attract a man with enough common sense to ignore her flirty ways and, more importantly, recognise your plus points.

Until then, don’t let her antics upset you too much. If a young man is so shallow as to go off with your sister, he’s probably not worth worrying about anyway.

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