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My parents are mean and rude to my husband

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My parents are making my husband’s life a misery. For some reason, nothing he does is good enough.

Whenever they visit, it’s just to see me and their grandchildren and they spend their whole time arguing with my husband and putting him down.

This is really depressing me as I love him very much and I can’t understand why they are so nasty to him.

He is so fed up that he is talking about us moving away so they can’t get to see us so easily.

I can understand why he wants to do this and I would go with him, but my parents adore our children and would feel terribly hurt if we moved them away. AC


I think part of the remedy for this situation lies in your hands — it may be hard for you, but you need to tell your parents that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Tell them that you love your husband and that if they continue to be rude and unpleasant towards him, they are not welcome in your home.

I think your husband has been very restrained in not asking your parents to leave before now.

So it's up to you to stand up for him and tell your parents to behave — and you will have to stick to it.

If they persist, then they won't see their grandchildren and that will be their fault.

Your duty is to your husband and your children, not your parents, so it’s time to make a stand

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