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My partner won’t tell his parents the truth

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My partner and I have been together for six years and we have a great relationship, except for the fact that he won't tell his parents about me.

I've been with him to meet them and they seem nice enough, but he won't tell them that we're living together and I don't understand why he's intimidated by them.

There is clearly something wrong, though, and it worries me that he's not committed to our relationship. MA


After six years together, you clearly feel commitment to your partner, but I think you're right to wonder if he feels the same way.

Perhaps he thinks that ‘commitment’ means marriage and everything else isn't worth telling his parents about.

Whatever his thinking, I believe it's time the two of you had a talk, because he needs to know how much he is upsetting you.

If he still won't tell his parents or give you a reasonable explanation, then I can see only two choices for you: either you just accept things as they are – if you feel your relationship is otherwise good; or you could dig your heels in and insist he tells his parents that you are part of his life.

The second option means that if he refuses, the relationship is at an end.

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