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My son is being bullied

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I found my 13-year-old son stealing money from my purse.

At first I was very angry, but then I discovered he was using the money as protection from a bully. I feel very angry about this and want to confront the school, but my son is scared as the boy says he will hurt him if he tells or fails to pay up.

What can I do? I don’t want my son to become a victim, but I don’t want the bully to get away with his behaviour either. MP


The bully is extorting money with the threat of violence — and he has to be stopped.

You could involve the police but I would start with the school.

The chances are your son is not the only victim.

Schools are well aware of the problems around bullying and most have procedures in place to resolve them.

Perhaps you could also contact for more advice and support.

Your son's fears can't be ignored, so reassure him that you and the school will help him in every way to deal with this situation.

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