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My son seems depressed

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My son is nine years old and has always been a happy child, but recently he’s become difficult and moody.

He’s just started at a new school and I don’t think he’s very happy there.

He comes home and goes straight up to his room and will not talk about his day at all.

His father says he just needs to settle, but I think there may be something more going on.

He really doesn’t want to go to school in the mornings and I am wondering if he is being bullied. SH


He may be unwilling to talk, but try to raise the subject of school with him and perhaps go gently, asking him how he is getting on with the other children.

I think you should talk to his form teacher and see whether he is mixing with the other children in his class.

Certainly, if you get any clue there is bullying going on, you will need to talk to the teacher about this, too.

Schools are much more attuned to the reality of bullying these days and most are determined to prevent it or stamp it out when it occurs. has a helpline for parents who are worried about bullying, tel: 08451 205 204, and you can find a lot of information on the website.

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