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My son's are bullied over their hegiht

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Both my sons are quite small for their age (nine and 11) and are teased and bullied at school.

It breaks my heart to see them come home looking so miserable and then having to be brave the following day to go back to school.

I spoke to their school on a couple of occasions and have been assured that they are doing what they can and not to worry.

But I do still worry and wish I could do more for them.

My friend said that there are hormones that could help them grow but I don’t want to bother my doctor if she's wrong. CF


Do talk to your doctor because if there is a medical reason why your boys aren't growing properly, he needs to know.

If their size is inherited, there is probably little to be done and you should simply try not to make too much of an issue about it.

I am very concerned, though, by your sons' school's inability to deal with the teasing and bullying problem.

Your boys should not have to cope with this and I do not accept that their school is doing everything it can if they are still miserable.

I think you need to be a lot more assertive and I suggest you make an appointment to see the head teacher.

Point out that your boys are still very unhappy and suggest that if they are unable to deal with it to your satisfaction they should look for some professional support.

The charity Kidscape ( runs a parents' bullying helpline. The number is 08451 205 204 and it's open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 4pm.

It also offers training and schools programmes which might help your sons' school and offers books, leaflets, video programmes and free parents' guides.

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