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My teenage daughter has an older boyfriend

My daughter is 14, although she looks older, and she’s got a boyfriend who is 20 years old.

I think this is much too old for her and I’ve tried to discourage her from seeing him but this just seems to have made her more determined.

I am worried that he may be trying to get her to sleep with him and I am terrified for her. I just don’t know what to do.

Can you suggest a way to get her to see sense? RL


Six years isn't a big age gap when people are more mature, but a six-year gap at 14 is huge.

If he is having sex with your daughter, then the boyfriend is breaking the law.

You can't really forbid them from seeing each other because that will encourage them to find a way to do so in secret.

She really needs your support, so driving her away will make that far more difficult.

Tell her you love and care for her but are worried about her.

Tell her you can't stop her from seeing the boyfriend but ask her to please take precautions.

If she thinks you have accepted the boyfriend, she may — with any luck — start finding him less attractive.

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