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Neighbour made a pass at babysitter

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Over the past 18 months we’ve shared a babysitter with another couple who live nearby.

The girl who has helped us has been brilliant. So, I was very upset when she told me that she could no longer continue to sit for us.

When I asked her why, she said she would prefer not to say, but after I pushed her a bit she admitted that the husband of the other couple has made a pass at her on a number of occasions when he’s taken her home.

I might have doubted this from anyone else, but she's so sensible and responsible that I am sure she's telling the truth.

My husband thinks we should tell the wife of the other family, but I'm not so sure. How should we handle this? FW


Rather than tell the wife, I think it might be better for your husband to have a few quiet words with the man in question.

He could tell this man how much he has upset your mutual babysitter, and point out how irresponsibly he is behaving.

Your advice to the young girl should probably be to stop babysitting for the other couple.

It's possible that the wife may put two and two together — especially if her husband has behaved like this before.

She may confront her husband, or she may choose to ignore it, but either way I think you should look to make alternative arrangements for a sitter in future.

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