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New fella makes weird noises after sex

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’ve been with my boyfriend for five weeks and we have good sex.

The problem is that when he has an orgasm, he makes the weirdest, funniest sounds I’ve ever heard a partner make.

I just want to burst out laughing or make a joke about it.

What’s your perspective?


Dear SJ,

Sex isn’t only a means of being physically and emotionally intimate with a partner, it’s also a mechanism to relieve stress and tension.

People’s reactions to sexual release are extremely individualised and involuntary vocalisations are extremely common.

Certain situations may seem funny during sex and it is meant to be fun.

However, that doesn’t mean your partner will be okay with you laughing, especially if he believes you’re laughing at him.

It might greatly damage his confidence, leading to insecurity and all manners of psychological and physical problems during sex and in the relationship.

Every person is different and you’ll have to gauge whether he’d personally react well to you making the situation light-hearted, or otherwise.

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