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New guy’s babytalk is just weird

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona answers your problems

Dear Fiona, I’ve been seeing a guy for about six months. He’s a fantastic person and our sex life is the best I’ve had. However, recently he put on a baby voice when we were having dinner and asked me to feed him and talk to him like a baby.

You know, with the choo-choo train, baby language thing?

I laughed but then was nearly sick when I realised he was serious.

It wasn’t sexual but he does have lots of stuffed animals on his bed. Does he have a weird fetish?

Concerned Girlfriend,


Dear Concerned Girlfriend,

There are no sexual practices involved so it’s not likely be a fetish. Are you sure this isn’t just a one-off, misjudged joke? If not, this type of behaviour’s actually more common than one would think but because it’s met with such disdain, it usually remains hidden. This person wants to be temporarily treated as a baby because in the infant role, they’ll receive unconditional love, affection, and security. The motivation often isn’t sexual but a means of escape from a stressful adult reality.

These adults just need to regress to an earlier time for relaxation and they often seek partners who’ll happily comply by taking on the nurturing role. There’s no point recklessly finishing a great relationship before you know the full story, so wait to see if it was a one-off.

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