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No social life. Help!

Fiona Caine is here to help if you have a relationship, sexual, marriage or family problem.

I am 26, single, and because I work unsociable hours, I seem to have lost contact with all my friends.

I had a girlfriend but we split up because she couldn’t cope with me not being around to go out when she wanted to.

I work most weekends, so on my days off, I have nowhere to go, and even if I did, I’ve no one to go with.

All my colleagues are married and I’m getting really fed up. Any suggestions? LT


This is not a unique situation — lots of people work awkward shifts.

It is hard to keep up with friendships and to keep relationships going, but it's not impossible and plenty of people do it. All the people working odd hours will be facing the same problems as you and might welcome the chance to meet up.

The issue is how to go about meeting them. A good place to start is always the local library or Citizens Advice Bureau.

There are opportunities to attend daytime clubs, classes, and activities that could introduce you to new people.

And don't forget dating agencies — many of those who join do so because they are in your position and find it hard to form relationships as a result.

Finally, don't discount readjusting your own body clock so you can meet up with old friends.

Would it be so bad if you went out clubbing for a couple of hours when you'd normally be having breakfast?

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