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Our social lives aren’t equal

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My fiance and I have lived together for the past 10 months.

We both agreed that it’s important to have outside interests but the reality is, he has them and I don’t, even if I could afford them.

He pops out to a local social club twice a week and although he’s asked me to go with him, it’s not my scene.

I’d like to do something but I don’t know what; I hate being left alone and it is starting to affect our relationship. LB


If you really don’t want to go to the social club with your fiance, then you need to do something else, otherwise you will get frustrated and angry.

Ask a friend round for coffee or push the boat out and share a bottle of wine.

Couldn’t you have a once-a-week trip to the cinema with friends? Try an evening class; join a drama group; or go to a Zumba class. You should be mixing with other people.

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