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Our weird son really worries us

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona Hurley answers your problems

Dear Fiona, Our son's worrying us because he doesn’t live in the real world. He’s fascinated by things like the spirit world, the supernatural and ridiculous ghost stories.

He and his strange friends spend hours talking about it. Why can’t he just have normal, real, down-to-earth friends and hobbies like most teenagers?

Worried Mother

Dear Worried Mother,

What exactly is the ‘real world’ and what constitutes ‘real’ people because every single one of us has a different interpretation of what's real.

Are you completely confident in the realness or the normalcy of your own friends, despite the fact that you probably have limited insight into their true personalities, thoughts, etc?

What you know of them are only those facets of themselves they allow you to see.

Also, ‘normal’ doesn’t exist and what’s the norm to one person may be completely alien to another.

He’s not doing any harm so perhaps be grateful that he's not engaging in maladaptive or antisocial behaviours like some teenagers feel so compelled to do.

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