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‘Pal’ hates me after I said I was a lesbian

Dear Fiona, I’ve recently come out as lesbian but one of my girlfriends is acting like a total hater.

I’ve always suspected she had lesbian tendencies and would understand, but instead she’s being a nightmare when everyone else is okay with it. Why’s this?

Hurt Girl, Belfast

Dear Hurt Girl,

One should question the true nature of those who’re aggressive towards the gay community as those who are completely comfortable in their own sexuality are usually complacent and accepting.

Freud believed that exaggerated behaviours are sometimes adopted because people fear the social repercussions of expressing their true natures and so go completely overboard to distract attention from them as they desire to cover up an inherent need they believe to be unacceptable.

You undoubtedly feel confused and betrayed but just try to enjoy the freedom that coming out has given you and hope she eventually feels comfortable enough in herself to also be accepting of you.

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