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Partner’s ex-wife is causing misery

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I’m divorced and I am living with a man who is also divorced, but he has three kids who still live with his ex-wife.

She is making his life miserable by threatening that he can’t see the children unless he does all the things she wants.

I keep trying to tell him to stand up to her, but we just ended up arguing about it and now, when things worry him, he just keeps his thoughts to himself.

I’d like to be able to help him, but what can I do? We talked about getting married, but the way things are, this seems unlikely.PI


I think you’re right to be cautious about marrying a man who seems unable to face up to problems.

A conciliation service might be able to help, but only if his ex-wife would be willing to use such a service.

If not, then the courts could help, but I am surprised if he doesn’t know that already.

He should probably speak to a lawyer because the children should not be used as a weapon.

He really must take a stand for their sake because it will do them no good to be treated in this way.

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