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Pregnancy has ruined intimacy

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I've a wonderful husband and three lovely children, all of whom I love very much. But since the twins were born 18 months ago, I can't bear my husband to touch me.

If he tries anything, I end up in tears and I've gone to some extraordinary measures to avoid intimacy.

My husband is being very understanding, but I know this can't go on — he'll leave me for someone else more willing.

We used to have a wonderful time together and I really do love him, so what's wrong with me? RA


If your twins were only born 18 months ago, it's very possible that either the birth or the stress of looking after them is behind your feelings.

Perhaps the birth was difficult and intimacy is now painful, or you're terrified of becoming pregnant again, or even just overtired and this has triggered a depression.

But you are right to be concerned, because although you say you love your husband, he may start to doubt this if you avoid his advances indefinitely.

See your GP and tell him how you feel and allow your doctor to refer you, if necessary, for further help.

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