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Second child? Eamonn Holmes wasn't keen, says Ruth

By Claire Williamson

Eamonn Holmes' wife has revealed they considered the idea of having more children – but the Belfast-born presenter wasn't so keen.

Ruth Langsford (54) has opened up about life with her presenter husband and what it was like to become a mother later in life.

The couple are breakfast television favourites, co-hosting ITV's popular This Morning programme.

They wed in 2010 and have one child together, Jack (12). Eamonn (54) also has three children from his first marriage.

The television presenter became a mother at the age of 42, and says she hadn't found the right man until then.

"No, I wouldn't have chosen that age to have a baby. But I just didn't meet the right man to be the father of my child until I met Eamonn.

"It was late when we finally found each other, but then you can't just have a baby immediately, so it was six years before Jack was born."

Ruth admitted the pair had discussed the idea of having more children.

"We toyed with having another, but Eamonn didn't exactly dance for joy at the idea. He said: 'Really?' I'll have five children then!' And it did seem a bit much.

"I also thought: 'You know what, Ruth? Over the age of 40, when the risks for mothers and babies are so much higher, you shouldn't push your luck. You have one beautiful son. Let that be enough.'"

The couple were together for 13 years before they finally tied the knot – but romance was still very much alive, as Ruth recalled Eamonn's proposal.

Ruth told Prima magazine: "Yes, we were at Cheltenham Races and Eamonn looked across to see a group of men flirting with me. Apparently, he thought: 'Why on earth am I not married to Ruth?'

"He composed a long text and furtively pressed 'send' when we were sitting in the back of the car being driven home.

"I thought: 'What's this? Is he sending me a saucy message?'

"But when I started reading, it was nothing of the sort."

She added: "I call Eamonn 'my poet' because he has this very Irish, eloquent way with words, and he'd composed this most extraordinary love letter that ended with the words 'Marry me?'

"Tears welled in my eyes and even though he was right next to me, I texted back: 'Yes!!!' We sat in the back of the car and just held hands for the rest of the journey."

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