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Sex after childbirth: should I wait?

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How soon after having a baby is it ok to have sex again?

My baby was born two weeks ago and I feel fine — it was an easy birth and there were no stitches or anything.

I expect you will say I should have discussed it with the midwife or the doctor, but I was too embarrassed and they were so busy. LA


You used to be advised to wait until your post-natal check-up, but that’s no longer the case and you’re quite likely to be asked, at the check-up, how intercourse has been.

It very much depends on you and how you feel — some women don’t feel ready for several weeks after birth, even months, but others are ready almost straightaway.

Unless your doctor told you not to, try it and see how you feel, your body will tell you, both emotionally and physically, if you’re ready.

You can always speak to your doctor or nurse if you’ve got any doubts.

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