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Sex more on the brain in Ireland than in UK

The Irish fantasize about sex more than any other European race, even booting the British into second place in the sex-on-the-brain ratings.

A new survey on the lust of the Irish shows that both men and women from Ireland think lascivious thoughts an average of 3.68 times a day compared to its nearest neighbours across the Irish Sea who succumb to lustful daydreams 3.6 times a day.

Both nations top the European average of just 2.86 racy thoughts a day, beating even the amorous French and the proverbial Italian stallions who think about sex 2.23 and 2.19 times a day respectively.

The same poll, in the Irish Daily Star, showed that perhaps unsurprisingly, Irish men had more erotic musings than women but when polling just men alone, the Irish fell behind British men, thinking about sex 5.48 times a day compared to their 5.8 times a day.

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