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She can’t cope with being 50

Northern Ireland's number one agony aunt Fiona Hurley answers your problems

Dear Fiona, My wife’s a very beautiful woman but it’s her 50th birthday soon and she’s deeply depressed as she said her life’s over and she’s only been a mother.

She constantly looks for compliments from strangers which makes me really sad that she doubts herself. What can I do to help her?

Loving Husband, Bangor

Dear Loving Husband,

Self-confidence must come from within and if we depend upon our physical appearance to fuel it we’re bound to find this failing eventually.

Ageing is a battle we simply can’t win so it’s important to place value in ourselves for reasons other than looks.

Reassure your wife she’ll always be beautiful but focus more on other attributes, her intelligence and personality, and encourage her to start a new project using any skills, talents or interests she has.

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